A process rooted in design thinking and ethnographic approaches

Analysis & Synthesis

The analysis was driven largely by bottom up design thinking approaches coupled with ethnography analysis. This process of analysis and synthesis was bespoke and was evolved by a multidisciplinary team, who were able to bring to bear best practices from a number of research and analysis frameworks. It was also a process rooted in design thinking, which by its nature is able to accommodate a multitude of approaches by understanding and leveraging their complementary aspects.

Project ARC Analysis and Synthesis

Foundational Research §

Affinity Mapping, as the process of clustering is usually referred to in design thinking, formed the core analytical process for ARC. Research teams across South Africa and Bangladesh conducted their analysis together. This took the form of a digital whiteboard (Miro) where findings from research were clustered together highlighting themes that emerged across both countries. While we did find a lot of resonance across the two countries, there were some themes that were more prominent in one rather than the other. 

Ethnographic Analysis §

The data collected as part of the video ethnography was analyzed separately. To analyze this, video clips were first uploaded to a video management platform (Big Sofa) and then translated. An analytic framework was used, containing pre-determined questions to be answered/​explored by each ethnographic task. Thematic playlists were created using the ethnographic clips, which were used as part of design sprints and journey mapping. 

Immersion §

Health Strand Framework

According to our findings, six strands (Fig. 1) come together to form a holistic perception of health among individuals and communities, and stress on any of these strands is often seen as a stress on their overall health. The strand based approach formed a core component of all analysis, centering the concerns of health seekers and helping identify points of friction between the health system and the people who use it. 

Arc process 03
Figure 1 : The Health Strands

Health Seeking Journey Maps

After detailed health seeking journeys (Fig. 2) from participants were captured in the immersion round, visual journey maps were created for ease of analysis. The journey maps broke a health seeking journey into clear constituent parts, which were often inflection points in these journeys, such as, a diagnosis.

The refined themes were used as lenses to conduct preliminary analysis of these journey maps. However, the most effective method of analysis emerged when the team began to leverage the Health Strand framework to analyze the journeys. 

Miro work
Figure 2. Examples of the journey maps