Amplifying Resilient Communities

Project ARC is a recently concluded design research study conducted in Bangladesh and South Africa. Learning from health seeking experiences of vulnerable populations across urban and rural settings in these countries, ARC seeks to inform global health systems, which will face unprecedented challenges in the coming decades.

Principles for Designing Resilient Health Systems

Arc 04
  • To inspire and inform early stage ideation in health system program and policy design

  • To critically assess new ideas in global health 

  • To evaluate and troubleshoot ongoing health interventions

Stories to Inspire Resilient Health Systems

Arc 02

Two stories from a desirable near future that bring to life ARC’s Design Principles for resilient health systems.

These stories are not a reflection of what is, or what could be: instead, they serve as a provocation, encouraging readers to think of the innovations and interactions that can create a system that addresses the needs of health seekers and community members.

Strands of Health

Arc 03

Building on the social determinants of health, ARC created the Strands of Health, an analytical tool to understand people’s perception of their own health. The strands of health offers a model to understand health seeking behavior and decision making of health seekers.

Project ARC

Project ARC was conducted by an interdisciplinary consortium of global health research experts, anthropologists, psychologists and human centered designers, with decades of experience applying in addressing public health challenges in under-resourced communities. The project is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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