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Amplifying Resilient Communities

Global health systems face unprecedented challenges in the coming decades. Rapid climate change, accelerating growth of non communicable diseases and devastating world pandemics like COVID-19 are testing the ways and speed at which global health practitioners and systems respond to the health needs of communities.

There is urgency to embrace innovative approaches and frameworks to respond and adapt to our changing world.

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  • Identify Frictions

    Often missed insights at the intersection of health seekers lived experience and their relationship with the health system

  • Respond with Design Considerations

    Guide organizations and individuals globally in the design of resilient health systems

  • Explore Stories

    Inspire a way towards better health outcomes for all

This work finds relevance in diverse contexts

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    Designing responsive health solutions
  • Screenshot 2022 09 22 at 3 16 39 PM
    Improving the delivery of existing health interventions
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    Impacting new health policy within public health
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    Innovating in technology based health ideas

Project Team

Project ARC is an interdisciplinary consortium of global health research experts, anthropologists, psychologists and human centered designers, with decades of experience applying in addressing public health challenges in under-resourced communities. The project is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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