Designing resilient public health systems centered around the needs and realities of health seekers

Why is this Resource Important

Project ARC brings together a set of design principles that can be adopted by public health advocates, civil society organizations, policy makers, and funders to further inform the priority areas in public health care. Health seeking insights from marginalized populations form a strong foundation for our design principles and provide a rich opportunity for system stakeholders to design more resilient health systems in the future. 

This resource is valuable for anyone who aims to:

Design responsive health solutions — See stories from the future to inspire new program design and implementation

Improve the delivery of existing health interventions — Read our research findings highlighting unmet needs health seeker and the frictions in health seeking experiences to explore opportunities

Innovate in technology based health ideas — See stories from the future to reimagine how a resilient system with balanced digital and physical systems can manifest

Impact new health policy within public health — Read the design principles which highlight the key pillars for a resilient health system